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Why PT Learning Lab?

Physical Therapists are expected to know and do so much! We spend out days trying to help people feel better and live healthier. Sometimes, it feels like we're superheroes guiding our patients as they learn how to walk again. And sometimes it feels like we're grasping at straws just to get out patients to cooperate.

Not to mention, we're expected to give our 100% when we're frequently working with limited support, equipment, space, and time.

Our job is not easy!

At PT Learning Lab, we want PT's everywhere to feel equipped and supported, no matter what you're faced with at work.


What We Believe


We believe every patient deserves excellent treatment and care.

Video Games Playing With Imagination

We believe every Physical Therapist is capable of amazing work.

Radio Astronomy

We believe lifelong PT learners increase positive patient outcomes.

Life Advice Looking Through A Window

We believe we can raise the national standard of Physical Therapy care.

About us

Meet Dr. Rachel Bradrick

Hey friend! I'm Rachel, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Lifelong Learner. I graduated from the University of Kansas Medical Center and immediately entered the field full-time.

I have extensive hands-on experience in multiple settings including In-Patient Acute Hospital Care, Acute Rehabilitation, and Skilled Nursing Care.

I am consistently treating a wide variety of conditions including:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Amputation
  • Stroke
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Parkinsons
  • Fractures

I've also been honored to present to professionals and students through conferences and lectures, which helped me discover my passion for making learning interesting and fun!

I know first hand how hard you're working.

From the moment you enter PT school to the day you retire, you are constantly working to be the best student and doctor you can be. But the amount of studying, learning, evolving, and treating that is required of you is overwhelming.

That's why I created PT Learning Lab.

I want to provide you with visually stimulating, personable, and engaging resources that are so much more than lines from a textbook. I want you to WANT to learn more and continually be better for your patients. And I want you to be connected to a community of PTs who are working just as hard toward excellence.

Building A Team
One person can't know it all. That's why I'm building a team of experienced, vetted, and actively working Physical Therapy Professionals to help me build this database of learning materials. That way, you can always be confident that what you read is coming straight from people who are hard at work in the field!
If you're an experienced Physical Therapist and would like to contribute to our resources, please reach out to be at rachel@ptlearninglab.com

Thank you for trusting me as your partner in PT Education. Whether you're preparing to take your boards, just entering your first job, or are burned out after years in the field, I know this can be a positive place for you.

Happy Learning!