Elevated Care Conference

Transforming physical therapy careers

Dates Coming Soon! | All Virtual | Get Up To 20 Hours of Continuing Education

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Elevated Skills

Next-Level Patient Care
Patient advocacy in the face of insurance, productivity, trauma, and cultural barriers.

Elevated Education

Commit to Lifelong Learning
Participate in research and stay at the cutting edge of science and technology.

Elevate Careers

Take Control of Your Paycheck
Explore PT career paths, understand your worth, and go after better paying jobs.

Not your average physical therapist conference.

PT Learning Lab's Elevated Care Conference exists to equip physical therapists for careers they can be proud of. We believe in prioritizing patients, standing up for ethics, and leading positive change in our industry.

Trauma-Informed Care

Tailoring treatment for patients with physical, emotional, and mental trauma(s).

Excellent Patient Advocacy

Providing the best care despite the barriers stacked against you.

Non-Traditional Career Paths

Explore cash-based, concierge, consulting, and other options to use your license.

Mentorship & Resources

How to build a network so you're never isolated in your career.

On the Edge of Research

Discussion and practical processes for staying informed on science and tech.

Culturally-Informed Care

Increase awareness of sexism, racism, ableism, etc., as they relate to patient care.

What Your Ticket Includes

Everything is virtual, so you never have to leave the comfort of your own home!

  • Access to live, expert-led lectures and panel discussions
  • Access to three expert-led participatory research labs
  • Recorded versions of every lecture, panel, and lab
  • 10 Hours of live continuing education credits
  • Signed CEU certificate for every hour you attend
  • Live opportunities for career coaching
  • Live networking and discussion events



What Outcomes Can You Expect?

This is not your average physical therapy conference.

  • Be empowered to advocate for patients despite roadblocks like productivity and insurance.
  • Get educated on topics we don't learn in school like mental health and trauma's influence on physical bodies.
  • Leave equipped to take charge of your career because the industry is changing and you have options.

You will also receive up to 10 hours of continuing education credit for sessions you attend. If you register with the Elevated Package, you will receive an additional 10 hours of CEU credit for a total of 20 CEU hours!

*Official certificate of completion will be emailed to you for every qualifying session you attend. Please check our list of states to ensure your state accepts PT Learning Lab content for Continuing Education Units. For those who register with the Elevated Package, you will receive 20 hours of CEU credit.


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Dr. Rachel Bradrick, PT, DPT

CEO/Founder of PT Learning Lab

Dr. Rachel Bradrick, PT, DPT graduated from the University of Kansas in 2015. Her primary area of practice is in acute rehabilitation, with other significant experience in skilled nursing and acute hospital rehabilitation. She specializes in the treatment of patients with traumatic brain injuries and other complex neurological dysfunctions. She has other experience working in cancer, vestibular, lymphedema, and amputee rehab. Dr. Bradrick is a guest lecturer of traumatic brain injury content for the University of Kansas Physical Therapy program. She is a KPTA conference presenter of spinal cord injury and amputation content. She founded PT learning Lab in 2020 to promote lifelong learning and excellence in clinical practice within the PT profession.


Alex Howard, LCPC, SATP-C

Licensed Counselor

Alex Howard, LCPC, SATP-C graduated from Midamerica Nazarene University with a Master’s in Counseling in 2018. His primary area of practice is in working with couples as well as high-achieving men. Alex took additional courses during his graduate program in addressing and treating both incidental and developmental trauma and continues to immerse himself with the latest research and treatment in this field. Alex began his own practice in 2018 and enjoys speaking on varying topics including trauma, relationships, and spirituality.


Dr. Shana Carter, PT, DPT

Professional Physical Therapist

Dr. Shana Carter, PT, DPT worked as a Personal Training Manager, Nutrition Coach and Strength and Conditioning Coach for twenty years prior to returning to school at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa to complete my undergraduate in Health Science and Nutrition. During her time at the University of Alabama she was involved in bariatric clinical rotations as well as dietary clinical rotations involving dietary prescription for patients with a variety of goals and health status. Following completion of her degree at the University of Alabama she began graduate school at the University of St. Augustine. She completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the University of St. Augustine with a focus in manual therapy in December of 2017. She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Education with Southeastern University in Online Curriculum and Instruction. She serves as Adjunct Faculty for Northwestern Florida State College as the primary Orthopedics Professor, Anatomy and Physiology I and II Professor, Therapeutic Techniques Professor and Modalities Professor. She is also a Board-Certified Orthopedic Specialist in Physical Therapy.


Dr. Bethany Peterson, PT, DPT

Professional Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Dr. Bethany Peterson, PT, DPT, is a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist based in Kansas City, MO. She graduated from Creighton University with a doctorate in physical therapy and today owns Well+Core Physical Therapy where she treats women struggling with a variety of pelvic floor dysfunction. Additional training includes Herman and Wallace Pelvic and Rehabilitation Institute’s Level 1 and Level 2b courses, Nicole Cozean’s Pelvic PT Rising: Rectal Evaluation and Treatment Course, and Julie Wiebe’s Treating and Training the Female Runner course.

Dr. Chelsea Jerabek, PT, DPT

Professional Physical Therapist

Dr. Chelsea Jerabek, PT, DPT graduated from Rockhurst University in 2015. Her career has had a focus in outpatient clinics specializing in complex patient management. She has dedicated time to studying chronic pain and complex cases through a four-week clinic rotation with a chronic pain specialist, independent studies, and continuing education courses including Modern Pain Science (Evidence in Motion), Combining Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization and Movement to Improve Function and Performance (RockBlades of RockTape), and Functional Dry Needling (Kinetacore). Dr. Jerabek first developed a passion for learning about chronic pain/complex cases because of her own health journey battling Lyme Disease. Everything she experienced in fighting Lyme Disease inspired her to become a physical therapist and improve the quality of life for as many people possible.


If I can't make the live sessions, will they be recorded?

Yes! You will be able to access all sessions through your PT Learning Lab portal after the conference is over.

What is the difference between a student ticket and General Admission?

Students must have an active student email address to register for PT Learning Lab at the student rate. Prices are drastically discounted because students do not need CEU certificates upon completion.

What is the full schedule for the conference?

Sessions take place Thursday and Friday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday mornings/afternoons. A full schedule complete with finalized topics and presenter bios will be available soon.

What is the difference between a General Admission Ticket and the Elevated Package?

You will receive all the same benefits of the General Admission Ticket with the Elevated Package, but you will also receive an additional 10 hours of CEU credit for a total of 20 hours.

Can I get CEU credit for attending?

Yes. There are 10 hours of CEUs available for attending live sessions with the General Admission ticket. If you register with the Elevated Package you will receive 20 total hours of CEU credit. We will also be offering exclusive discounts on some of our recorded CEUs and other content we have available on our website.

How do I get access to the live sessions?

Zoom information will be emailed to you and made available in your PT Learning Lab portal by the end of September.

Will you email me a certificate of completion for CEUs?

Yes. We will take attendance at each live session and you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each session.

When do I need to register?

Register before December 1, to get early bird pricing! ($10-off student tickets and $50 off general admission). All other registrations must be in by December 13 to attend!


*PTLL CEUs are approved in 28 states. See the list of approved states to make sure PTLL CEUs count toward your license. If your state is not on the list, you can still submit PTLL credits for approval by your state's board. Receiving your official certificate of course completion relies on your attendance to the correlating live events. See Full List