Elevated Care Conference

Transforming Physical Therapy Careers


The Details

Dates: January 20-23, 2022

Location: Virtual

What to Expect: Live keynotes, discussion panels, and research labs for physical therapists looking to elevate and accelerate their careers.

Student Tickets: $35-$45
General Admission Tickets: $145-$195
Elevated Package: $299-$345


What Outcomes Can You Expect?

The Elevated Care Conference is all about equipping physical therapists to be the best they can be for their patients. We’ve built this conference to cover topics that other resources like to tiptoe around.

We want you to walk away feeling...

Empowered to advocate for patients despite roadblocks like productivity and insurance.
Educated on topics we don't learn in school like mental health and trauma.
Equipped to take charge of your career because the industry is changing and you have options.

You will also receive up to 10 hours of continuing education credit for sessions you attend. If you register with the Elevated Package, you will receive an additional 10 hours of CEU credit for a total of 20 CEU hours!


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Access to evening and weekned keynotes for Continuing Education Credit.



Access to two hot-topic panel discussions for Continuing Education Credit.



Participate in active research labs for Continuing Education Credit.



Opportunities for career development and coaching.



Networking opportunities for PTs interested in exploring career options.



Workshop on how to get paid creating content for PT Learning Lab.



Access to exclusive offers for PT Learning Lab materials and digital CEUs.



Access to recordings of all keynotes, panels, and labs.



10 Hours of Continuing Education Credits for your attendance.*

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*Official certificate of completion will be emailed to you for every qualifying session you attend. Please check our list of states to ensure your state accepts PT Learning Lab content for Continuing Education Units. For those who register with the Elevated Package, you will receive 20 hours of CEU credit.

Why This Matters to Us

Hi, I’m Dr. Rachel Bradrick, DPT, and I started PT Learning Lab out of extreme frustration that my physical therapy career was not what I expected it to be. I got into this field to help people heal and transform their lives. My favorite part of the job is being a ray of sunshine and a voice of hope for people who are experiencing a lot of pain and hopelessness.

It did not take long for me to realize that being a physical therapist can quickly become more about meeting productivity requirements and jumping through insurance hoops than it is about helping people.

This has to change. Patients deserve to be humanized, helped, and healed. I want to help lead the change in physical therapy and beyond so that all of us in the medical field can do the job we set out to do: change lives.

This conference is for you if:

  • Patient care is your top priority at work
  • Excellence and ethics matter to you
  • You enjoy learning new topics and hearing about new research
  • You want to be more aware of your patients' mental and emotional health
  • You're interested in other PT career opportunities
  • You want to meet and discuss with other like-minded PTs
  • You're fed up with insurance, productivity standards, and office politics
  • You need or want to get 10 hours of CEUs in just one long weekend!

This conference is not for you if:

  • Difficult topics make you uncomfortable. We're setting out to talk about productivity, insurance, mental health, trauma, cultural awareness, and cutting-eduge research. If you don't want to hear keynote speakers and panel discussions on topics a lot of administrators would cringe at, this conference isn't for you.
  • You're looking for education on modalities, physical treatment, or specific injuries/ailments. We have digital CEUs that address other specific topics, but The Elevated Care Conference is not offering those at this time.
  • You are looking for CEUs for occupational therapy or speech therapy. You are all more than welcome to attend! But our CEUs aren't approved for OT or Speech yet. We hope to add more content in the future.


If I can't make the live sessions, will they be recorded?

Yes! You will be able to access all sessions through your PT Learning Lab portal after the conference is over.

What is the full schedule for the conference?

Sessions take place Thursday and Friday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday mornings/afternoons. A full schedule complete with finalized topics and presenter bios will be available soon.

Can I get CEU credit for attending?

Yes. There are 10 hours of CEUs available for attending live sessions with the General Admission ticket. If you register with the Elevated Package you will receive 20 total hours of CEU credit. We will also be offering exclusive discounts on some of our recorded CEUs and other content we have available on our website.

Will you email me a certificate of completion for CEUs?

Yes. We will take attendance at each live session and you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each session.

What is the difference between a student ticket and General Admission?

Students must have an active student email address to register for PT Learning Lab at the student rate. Prices are drastically discounted because students do not need CEU certificates upon completion.

What is the difference between a General Admission Ticket and the Elevated Package?

You will receive all the same benefits of the General Admission Ticket with the Elevated Package, but you will also receive an additional 10 hours of CEU credit for a total of 20 hours.

How do I get access to the live sessions?

Zoom information will be emailed to you and made available in your PT Learning Lab portal by the end of September.

When do I need to register?

Register before December 1, to get early bird pricing! ($10-off student tickets and $50 off general admission). All other registrations must be in by December 13 to attend!
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