Pocket Field & Career Guides


Remember in undergrad how you would sit in a class and think, "Wow, I'm never going to use any of this in the real world." How we missed those thoughts when we were in PT school, because for those three years every single thing we learned could be useful in treatment one day! But where are we supposed to keep all of that information to pull out at a moment's notice when a patient presents with a condition we haven't talked about since our first year? Not to mention hours of continuing education classes and new methods of treatment we're constantly trying to keep up with.

We've all been there, and we thought there should be a better way to grow into the PT you want to be! Our mission is to equip you with tools that go hand-in-hand with the knowledge and skills you worked so hard for, so that you can focus on treating patients instead of remembering obscure ailments. Our easy-to-use guides help you quickly recall a treatment technique or reference a condition on the fly, so you can maintain productivity and quality of care for your patients. 

Solution: PT Learning Lab Pocket Field & Career Guides

  • Explanations of Varied Condition Presentations
  • Degrees of Severity
  • Treatment Options
  • Concise Information
  • Illustrations