PT Learning Lab FAQs

Get the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Who writes PTLL materials?

All PTLL content is original and is written and developed by licensed physical therapists with field experience and specialties in the topic the content is written about.

Will PTLL study guides help me pass college exams?

Students should use PTLL study guides as a supplement to any materials delivered to you by your professor. While we guarantee all information inside PTLL study guides to be factually correct, each school of physical therapy and professor may have slightly different focuses, phraseology, etc.

Do you have anything that will help me pass my boards?

We recommend you do not use PTLL materials as your sole guide to preparing for your National Board Exams. Other resources like Score Builders or Final Frontier are specifically geared towards helping students pass their boards and receive their licenses.

What is a Pocket Guide?

A highly-visual reference guide on specific topics you can go to for quick answers while you're on the job. These are primarily intended to help you remember specific measurements, vocabulary, and treatments when you aren't used to seeing certain types of patients day in and day out.

What is a Career Guide?

In schools and clinicals, you're taught how to take care of patients. No one teaches you how to advocate for yourself or increase your career opportunities! Career guides help show you MANY of the options you have available to you and teaches you how to go after those opportunities.

How does your mentorship program work?

When you apply for the PTLL mentorship program, we match you with an experienced and vetted PT from our database. You then have professional messaging access with your PT mentor and can book up to four, 1-hour mentoring sessions with them every year! You will also have access to community boards to talk to fellow PTs and collaborate any time. After your year is up, you will receive a certificate of mentorship completion that you can add to your resume!

How can I become a mentor?

Apply to become a PTLL mentor if you have a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and more than five years of professional experience. We add mentors to our database occasionally throughout the year, according to demand.

Can I take your CEUs any time?

Yes! Our CEUs are pre-recorded and available to view at any time.

How can I get Continuing Education Credits with your CEUs?

Once you listen to the entire CEU and pass the attached quiz with more than 80% accuracy, you will receive a Certificate of Completion in the email inbox you used when you signed up for the course. You can use this certificate as evidence of your course completion in 28 states!
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Do you have any free resources?

Yes! Visit this page for a full library of our free resources. You can also sign up to get exclusive offers and resources delivered straight to your inbox. Or, follow us on Instagram at @PTLearningLab!

Didn’t find an answer to your question?

Just send us a message and we will get back to you with an answer ASAP!