Study Guides

Problem: PT School is taking over your life.

You just spent all day in lectures, and you have a lab at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. It's 5 p.m. which gives you just enough time to inhale leftover pizza and then head to the library for a solid six hours of studying before midnight. Sound familiar?

PT school isn't just school; it's a full time job, an entire lifestyle. You spend three years living and breathing all things physical therapy, and it is so worth it but it's so exhausting. There IS a better way, and it's right here. We can't take your board exams for you or transmit information to your brain through osmosis if you sleep with on of our study guides right under your pillow, but we can help you stay focused and organized in the mountain range of information that is physical therapy.

PT Learning Lab's exclusive study guides take the information dump of lectures and textbooks and organizes it in a way that is easy to study and process. Why spend precious hours siphoning through hundreds of densely-packed pages finding the information you need when you could spend that time actually learning the information. Our team of PTs knows the struggle on a personal level, and we want to provide you will the types of resources we only wished we had when we were in school!

Solution: PT Learning Lab Study Guides

  • Vocabulary Lists
  • Explanatory Illustrations
  • Review Questions
  • Separate, Comprehensive Sections for Each Module